Did you feel the Love?

VDAY 2013Sweethearts 2013vday balloon pic

Whether you are married, in a romantic relationship, or enjoying the single life; celebrating Valentine’s Day is a must in my book. Not only does It provide a great opportunity to show the people in our life that we love and appreciate them, but it also makes it okay once a year to eat lots of chocolate and cover everything in pink and red hearts! While this holiday can hold negative connotation for some who are single, let me just say, it shouldn’t! I was always encouraged growing up to make Valentine’s Day about people, not just one person. It’s about making the people around you feel truly special and valued. It doesn’t take a big gift or lots of money to do it either. Just think about what things make you feel loved. Kind words, a sweet treat, or even maybe just a hug. This year I was blessed to be able to spend V- Day with my wonderful Reality Internship crew. Words can’t express how incredibly special this day was. We enjoyed a picnic with the most beautiful weather, received Valentine’s, shared decadent desserts, and even had a pinata! Yes, adults can still do a pinata….of course filling it with money and scratch-offs didn’t hurt. 😉 I also took the opportunity to make something special…..raw, vegan, gluten-free cheesecake bites. These little guys are a total labor of love, but I thought that would be fitting for the holiday. They are a little time consuming but so worth it in the end. Plus, they are loaded with good for you fats, protein, and fiber from coconut oil and nuts. All-in-all it was great day, filled with good food, lots of laughter, and most importantly, LOVE! I hope you all had a great day too. …and if you didn’t let me know; I’ll put you on my Valentine’s Day list for next year!


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